East Tosa Alliance Looks Forward with Redevelopment Plan in Place

By Jim Price  | July 10, 2011

Resident architect draws on his interest in urban planning to promote investment in North Avenue district.

When Ed Haydin, as a young architect, bought his home in Tosa’s East Town, he imagined it as a stopover, just as many others have. He planned to stay about four years in the neighborhood of mostly modest properties, building his professional credentials and salary, and then move up and possibly out – to one of Tosa’s tonier areas, or maybe Brookfield.

That was 15 years ago. Not only has Haydin stayed put in the East Tosa/North Avenue corridor, he has become one of its most impassioned promoters.

Haydin, fellow East Tosan Meg Miller and a handful of other concerned residents orchestrated a volunteer, grass-roots movement, now known as the East Tosa Alliance, to revitalize the stretch of North Avenue from 60th to 76th streets.

On Tuesday, they won a significant victory when the Wauwatosa Common Council adopted a $5.4 million, 15-year redevelopment plan for the business corridor into the city’s master plan.

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Welcome to East Tosa

East Tosa is a progressive urban community offering niche shopping and dining experiences interconnecting with vibrant, established neighborhoods.

Located on the east side of Wauwatosa, East Tosa offers a classic Main Street feel with tree-lined residential neighborhoods adjoined to a vibrant sixteen block trade district offering a wide array of goods and services.  East Tosa is home to a respected school system, many fine restaurants, and thriving businesses. Its convenience to the Milwaukee metropolitan area offers easy access to major league sports, a nationally recognized zoo, and abundant cultural and social activities.

Though much of the charm of East Tosa stems from its historic beginnings, it is bolstered by its spirited residents who are committed to knowing and supporting each other in an environmentally, fiscally, and economically sustainable lifestyle.

In the summer of 2011, East Tosa’s Plan was approved by the Common Council.