Public Hearing on North Avenue Plan

The week of May 9th, the East Tosa North Avenue Plan was reviewed by the Plan Commission and Community Development.  The plan is now set for a public hearing on June 21 at the City Hall.   We have come a long way in the past years from securing the grant for and undergoing the process of developing a strategic plan for North Avenue in East Tosa.  Now, it is up to the voices of our East Tosa community to ensure its passage. Please plan to attend.

Why should you care?
– impact on quality of life
– opportunity to sustain and grow desirability to live in our neighborhoods
– create demand for housing and commercial real estate (drives sales and property values)
– protect our investments

NOTE: Approval of this plan does not obligate to spending specific funds on a specific timeline.  This plan lays out the road map for future improvements and direction of the this district,.

Design Studio Presention

After months of researching North Avenue in East Tosa – learning about the history, businesses and surrounding neighborhoods, RDG Planning and Design hosted charettes to further garner community feedback about how this 16 block “main street” should look and feel.  Please view the concept presentation, which includes renderings as well as community survey response data.

Crucial Step Taken in Developing “Road Map” for North Avenue in East Town Tosa

The vision for this area is a progressive urban community intent on combining unique public spaces and commercial experience which interconnect vibrant, established neighborhoods.

The East Tosa North Avenue commercial district has had numerous studies over the years to address specific issues from parking to streetscape, yet it lacks a cohesive, strategic plan or “road map” to articulate the vision. As such, this area lacks a coordinated approach.

East Town North Avenue is one of several neighborhood oriented commercial districts that need some revitalization.

The Grant Task Force, made up of neighborhood residents, area alderman, commercial property owners, area business managers and Wauwatosa Community Development personnel, crafted a Request for Proposal for development of a road map intended to provide guidance in promoting successful business district which more appropriately reflect the character of the neighborhoods through which it passes thereby improving the quality of life in the adjacent neighborhoods that has made Wauwatosa one of the area’s most desirable communities.

The Request for Proposal was issued on November 10th. There is a desire to have consultants secured by early 2010 to begin the planning process.

Making North Avenue Safer

Survey respondents voiced concern about walking along North Avenue. Among complaints noted were speed of traffic, illegal use of left turn lanes and noncompliance of yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks were specifically noted as deterrents. Sixty percent (60.1%) of survey respondents stated that the fact that traffic doesn’t yield to pedestrians in crosswalks “impacts” or “greatly impacts” the walk ability of North Avenue while over 90% of respondents felt the walk ability of North Avenue is “important” to “very important” to the success of North Avenue. The Alliance, working with elected officials, has been working to make North Avenue safer.

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