East Tosa North Avenue Planning Project Overview

North Avenue Commercial property values were suffering and in decline. Investments are not self sufficient, and there are buildings that have suffered debilitating loss, without any reinvestment. Lack of demand keeps rents low and defers maintenance, and encourages the spiral of decline.

How can a commercial district bisecting decidedly stable, middle class neighborhoods fail to sustain a market relative to the needs of the neighborhoods? What is restricting access from the neighborhoods to the commercial market?
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East Tosa to be featured on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Last year, the 88Nine Neighborhood Project opened our eyes to a whole new production paradigm at 88Nine. From beginning to end, the process was intensely collaborative, which allowed us to present stories that were at times fun, at times moving, and always intimate. Without being overly heavy-handed or high-minded, we took on difficult conversations about community, race, socioeconomics, and many other issues, all within the framework of first-person narratives.

This year, we will use a similar collaborative approach to tracking down stories, but with a new overarching theme. Whereas last year we had an inwards focus (“take care of your block” and “work in your neighborhood”), this year the focus will turn outwards – our listeners will be encouraged to present their neighborhood as well as get out and explore new parts of the city. The tagline of the series, “Love where you live,” will be interpreted in two ways: (I) take pride in your own neighborhood’s rich culture and (II) discover what other Milwaukee neighborhoods have to offer.

As the central part of our campaign, for each of our seven weeks, we will focus on a different Milwaukee neighborhood. The neighborhoods, in no particular order, are Lindsay Heights, Clarke Square, Martin Drive, Havenswoods, Walker’s Point, Harambee, and East Tosa.The audio pieces covering each neighborhood will be tailored to the unique history, culture, and character of each neighborhood.