East Tosa North Avenue Planning Project

Every great neighborhood is associated with a lively and functioning main street, where locals and visitors intermingle while the hum of daily life continues. Access to services and goods on our commercial strip should be easy, convenient and reflective of the local economy.

With funding from a Community Development Block Grant, the City of Wauwatosa with assistance from the North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance (a citizen-led 501c3 non-profit) selected RDG Planning & Design of Omaha Nebraska to prepare a comprehensive plan of North Avenue between 60th and Wauwatosa Avenue with the idea of reconnecting the local business environment and success with the demographic and economic realities of the neighborhoods.

Residents of Washington Highlands, Old Hillcrest, TETNA, Pabst Park and Inglewood Heights, lead by Planner Marty Schukert of RDG, participated in many discussions and a three-day Design Workshop to identify physical and economic realities which currently depress our local economy, and opportunities to enhance the place we love as East Tosa.

 The resulting Design Studio Presentation and  Existing Conditions & Market Study are available for review.

RDG’s Draft Recommendation and Report were issued in late 2010, with public comment, committee and Council reviews in the first quarter of 2011.

Submitted by Ed Haydin, Planning Chair, North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance