Are you ready to CHILL{i}??


The 3rd Annual Chili’n on the Avenue is quickly approaching!  Are you ready?  We’ve got a TON of super fun family-friendly activity planned {games, entertainment, and inflatables!}, various local food and shopping vendors, as well as a stellar entertainment line up:

11:30 John Stano

1:30 Saturday Night Preachers

3:30 Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound

And of course, we can’t forget the CHILI!

In the meantime, check out some photos from last year’s fun

{photos courtesy of Molly Kreeger}

East Tosa Alliance Looks Forward with Redevelopment Plan in Place

By Jim Price  | July 10, 2011

Resident architect draws on his interest in urban planning to promote investment in North Avenue district.

When Ed Haydin, as a young architect, bought his home in Tosa’s East Town, he imagined it as a stopover, just as many others have. He planned to stay about four years in the neighborhood of mostly modest properties, building his professional credentials and salary, and then move up and possibly out – to one of Tosa’s tonier areas, or maybe Brookfield.

That was 15 years ago. Not only has Haydin stayed put in the East Tosa/North Avenue corridor, he has become one of its most impassioned promoters.

Haydin, fellow East Tosan Meg Miller and a handful of other concerned residents orchestrated a volunteer, grass-roots movement, now known as the East Tosa Alliance, to revitalize the stretch of North Avenue from 60th to 76th streets.

On Tuesday, they won a significant victory when the Wauwatosa Common Council adopted a $5.4 million, 15-year redevelopment plan for the business corridor into the city’s master plan.

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East Tosa Plan Up for Approval

North Avenue redesign calls for up to $5.4 million in public investment through 2026.

By Laura J. Merisalo |  May 9, 2011

A $5.4 million plan to redesign a 16-block stretch of North Avenue known as East Tosa will go before two city committees this week, capping a year-long process to create a strategic plan to redevelop the area.

The East Tosa North Avenue Plan calls for incremental public project improvements, from 2011-12 through 2025-26, to help make East Tosa a destination business district that focuses on niche markets and complements the adjacent neighborhoods.

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Public Hearing on North Avenue Plan

The week of May 9th, the East Tosa North Avenue Plan was reviewed by the Plan Commission and Community Development.  The plan is now set for a public hearing on June 21 at the City Hall.   We have come a long way in the past years from securing the grant for and undergoing the process of developing a strategic plan for North Avenue in East Tosa.  Now, it is up to the voices of our East Tosa community to ensure its passage. Please plan to attend.

Why should you care?
– impact on quality of life
– opportunity to sustain and grow desirability to live in our neighborhoods
– create demand for housing and commercial real estate (drives sales and property values)
– protect our investments

NOTE: Approval of this plan does not obligate to spending specific funds on a specific timeline.  This plan lays out the road map for future improvements and direction of the this district,.

North Avenue Plan Presentation to Community Development

Marty Shukert, RDG Planning and Design, will give a presentation about the East Tosa North Avenue plan at the May 10th Community Development Meeting at 8pm in Committee Room #1 in City Hall.

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