North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance Board Meetings

The Board of Directors is made up of 9-11 community stakeholders.   Board members shall be selected through a nomination process followed by Board approval with one board member appointed by the Mayor.  Board members serve a 3 year term.  

Board Meeting dates are listed on the calendar under “Upcoming Events.”

Review of the Comprehensive Plan

September 6, 2008
Attendees: Kathy Ehley, Warren Goff, Ed Haydin, Meg Miller, Scott Miller, Matt Stippich, Julie Terwelp

Though this group’s focus is on East Town Tosa,  we were overwhelming disappointed with the entire plan; it seemed to simple fill a perfunctory role to meet a mandate.

Among the major disappointments are that the public focus group attendance.  However, the largest was from our contingent area, yet it appears to be the least represented in the overall plan.  East Town seemed to be considered a “drive thru” area of town in this version of the plan.  It has been expressed that by some, East Tosa is the slum of Wauwatosa.  Given the lack of attention given to this area the plan, it appears as if the city is institutionalizing this perception.
Additionally, the plan fell short in celebrating Wauwatosa for its unique aspects and failed to hone in on the make-up of Wauwatosa as a series of unique neighborhoods.  We didn’t get a sense of a community vision being conveyed nor the focus on taking the opportunity to assess and improve upon the infrastructure to better reflect the interests of those who live here.  Of key note, the plan only took biking and walking into account as a form of recreation.  It also viewed key “main street” areas not as vital commercial districts interwoven with neighborhoods but only as arterials / means for transportation.

We would like to see the plan address the opportunity focus on reconnecting our communities and individual neighborhoods. We recommend the plan celebrate the unique personalities of these neighborhoods by:

− Considering opportunities to address “main street” areas like North Avenue in East Town Tosa
− Focusing on the unique personalities of each, individual neighborhood community.
− Incorporating walk ability and bike ability into the infrastructure as a means of transportation.
− Addressing the need for consistent solicitation and support for small business and small business infrastructure. Though there are great opportunities for larger developments, many residents live within walking of small commercial districts. There must be a plan to solicit and support small business in order for these neighborhoods to maintain their unique draw and grow.
− Addressing and conveying the vision of Wauwatosa as a series of unique neighborhoods that, together, create a vibrant, diverse, urban community.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our thoughts of the plan and hope to see more focus on these aspects in the approved plan.

Supporting Local Businesses


Welcome to East Town Tosa and thank you for your interest in opening or expanding a business here.  There are many resources available to businesses in East Town Tosa to help you thrive in this neighborhood.

The East Tosa North Ave Plan:  This free Business Resource Guide includes contact information for key people in East Tosa.  It also includes area demographics and purchasing power- just the type of information to help your business succeed!

The Community Survey provides business owners/ potential business owners a clear picture of the types of businesses residents of East Town Tosa are interested in having in the community and at which they are likely to spend money.  The community survey, issued in 2008, was taken by over 350 residents.  For a quick overview of the survey results and comments, please view the Summary of Findings.

Business Directory: Be sure to add your business to our FREE business directory.

Welcome to East Tosa

East Tosa is a vibrant urban community offering niche shopping and dining experiences interconnecting with vibrant, established neighborhoods.

Located on the east side of Wauwatosa, East Tosa offers a classic Main Street feel with tree-lined residential neighborhoods adjoined to a vibrant sixteen block trade district offering a wide array of goods and services.  East Tosa is home to a respected school system, many fine restaurants, and thriving businesses. Its convenience to the Milwaukee metropolitan area offers easy access to major league sports, a nationally recognized zoo, and abundant cultural and social activities.

Don’t miss the Grand Re-opening of North Avenue and Bike Parade this Saturday, October 4.



Niche Shopping, Dining and Services

A Lot to Offer

East Tosa offers a variety of niche shopping and dining experiences as well as an array of services. Click here for the Directory of East Tosa Businesses.

Keeping it in the Community
Having a vibrant East Tosa business and neighborhood community means working together. From our 2008 survey, most people welcomed the possibility of dynamic businesses with local character. Often, we forget that the survival of these businesses depends on your loyal patronage. Beyond your impact on local businesses, your support of locally-owned businesses helps our economy.

Buying from a local business has many positive impacts for our neighborhood.  The more support we give to community based businesses the more we get back.  For every $1 you spend at a locally owned business, more than 68¢ remains in the Wauwatosa / Greater Milwaukee community.

For more information about the importance of buying locally, visit the 3/50 Project or Our Milwaukee.