The Results are in: Chili’n 2013 Winners

Results! Results!

It was a great competition. So much thanks go out to these cooks for participating. They gave out over 2,000 samples of chili + salsa, combined!!

The winners of the showmanship portion of the contest went to:
3rd: Packin’ Some Heat, Wauwatosa, WI
2nd: No Beans About It, Michael Oblamski, Menomonee Falls
1st: Meinecke Mayhem, Wauwatosa, WI


The winners of the salsa competition are as follows:
3rd: Jill Goldberg of Jill’s Leapin’ Lambeau
2nd: David Wall of Meinecke Mayhem, with Sweet Swellin’
1st: Matt Stippich of Trial by Fire with Trial by Salsa


The winners of the People’s Choice award are as follows:
3rd place: Nacho Libre, led by Heidi Sekowski from Naperville, IL
2nd place: Trial by Fire, led by East Tosa’s Matt Stippich
1st place: Twisted Spoke, led by Wauwatosa’n Al Strombowski


In the ‘open’ competition (chili where basically anything goes), the winners were all from East Tosa! Keeping it local!
3rd – Packin Some Heat, lead by Steve Carpenter and Chris Tait
2nd – Trial by Fire, lead by Matt Stippich
1st – Dos Sombreros, lead by Chris Turner and Scott Miller


And now for the official CASI ( CASI Chili Appreciation Society International ) results. This chili is a meat and gravy only chili and must be judged on the following: Aroma, Consistency, Red Color, Taste, + Aftertaste. Each place has points assigned to it and the cooks who belong to CASI can go on to participate in other national competitions if they have enough points.

10th – Heidi Sekowski, Naperville, IL
9th- David Wall, Wauwatosa, WI
8th – Jill Goldberg, Madison, WI
7th – John Gastaldedo, Downers Grove, IL
6th – Rick Geiger, Midlothian, IL
5th- Matt Stippich, Wauwatosa, WI
4th- Christina Piel, Wauwatosa, WI
3rd – TICKET NUMBER 27118
2nd – Georgia Weller, Rockton, IL
1st- Al Strombowski, Wauwatosa, WI


Thanks to our local restaurants, Il Mito, The Sherbrooke, BelAir, and Cranky Al’s.  They all competed in our bloody mary throwdown. While it was a close contest, we could only have 1 winner.  This year, the award goes to Sherbrooke for their Bloody Canuk! Thanks too all of the people who took one (or 4) for the team and enjoyed the bloodies!


Congrats to all!!!!!