East Tosa North Avenue Planning Project Overview

North Avenue Commercial property values were suffering and in decline. Investments are not self sufficient, and there are buildings that have suffered debilitating loss, without any reinvestment. Lack of demand keeps rents low and defers maintenance, and encourages the spiral of decline.

How can a commercial district bisecting decidedly stable, middle class neighborhoods fail to sustain a market relative to the needs of the neighborhoods? What is restricting access from the neighborhoods to the commercial market?

This was the purpose of the Planning Project.
Primary Market realities: What are the economics in place?
Business opportunities:

  • Full Service Restaurants: $20m/year opportunity gap
  • Clothing Stores: $20m/ year opportunity gap
  • Hobby Toys and Games Stores: $6.6m/ year opportunity gap
  • Specialty Foods: $3.8m/ year opportunity gap.
  • Current Importers:

  • Cosmetic Beauty and Perfume import $1.2m/yr.
  • How do we create a self sustaining business environment?
    How do we attract private investment and reconnect the purchasing power inherent in the neighborhood back to the commercial district?

  • Fundamental Shift in thinking here- Cars don’t spend money, people do.
  • Bring the residents to the street. Remove barriers of access and connections. Create a
    convenient environment to come down and conduct business.
  • Create environment for pedestrian and bicycle ease of access.
  • Make North Avenue a place to go- rather than a place to go thru.
  • Why should we care?

  • Immediate quality of life. Access to important things. Build and sustain tax base
  • Sustain and grow desirability to live in our neighborhoods. (Develop concepts around strength of schools three tangible desirables)
  • Create demand on housing and stable inventory, which drives sales and property values
  • Protect investments in the neighborhood.
  • Schedule for approvals:
    May 9, 2011    Plan Commission Review
    May 10th, 2011 Presentation to the Committee on Community Development, referred to
    Common Council
    May 17th, 2011 Common Council Approval for adoption.

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