Making North Avenue Safer

Survey respondents voiced concern about walking along North Avenue. Among complaints noted were speed of traffic, illegal use of left turn lanes and noncompliance of yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks were specifically noted as deterrents. Sixty percent (60.1%) of survey respondents stated that the fact that traffic doesn’t yield to pedestrians in crosswalks “impacts” or “greatly impacts” the walk ability of North Avenue while over 90% of respondents felt the walk ability of North Avenue is “important” to “very important” to the success of North Avenue. The Alliance, working with elected officials, has been working to make North Avenue safer.

Yield for Pedestrian Signs have been posted in crosswalks on North Avenue to help highlight pedestrian traffic and encourage traffic slowing. Though they are not posted in all crosswalks, we hope to have most covered. Additionally, we hope to further encourage increased police presence in this area to slow traffic, ticket for illegal use of the left turn lanes and failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Help Make North Avenue Safer! If you would like to see more action to make North Avenue safer, please contact your Alderman and the police department and request increased police presence, enforcement of current laws and more signs in crosswalks.

District 1
Peter Donegan 259-8973 |
Linda Z. Nikcevich – 453-7873 |

District 5
Jerry Stepaniak – 258-0709 |
Michael G. Walsh – 477-2830 |

The Wauwatosa Police Department can be reached at 471-8430